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Having the stuff is not what makes you happy. You might think it is. But once you get what you think you want, you’ll be happy for a bit. But then the emptiness will seep back in and you will once again need some more “stuff” to make you feel happy.

It is not about the stuff.

The stuff needs to be the cherry on top. You need to be happy right where you are. You need to find the gold around you.

Because it all comes down to this:

happiness is an inside job.

It isn’t something you OBTAIN or GET or ACHIEVE. It’s an internal state of being. And it’s your responsibility. You are the obstacle between where you are now and happiness.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s ok to WANT stuff. It’s ok to DESIRE the big house, the fancy car, the designer clothes…whatever it is you want (for me it’s an endless supply of chocolate). But that stuff won’t make you happy.

You need to begin from happiness. Begin from feeling blessed that you get to live this life. Feel blessed that you have endless opportunities to build wealth. Feel blessed that you have a supportive and loving tribe around you. Feel blessed that you are alive, well and can read this blog post.

Happiness attracts more happiness.

And when you are searching for the stuff, you aren’t feeling happy – you are feeling lack. Unfortunately, lack attracts more lack.

So let go of the stuff. Release the need to have it all to be happy and start by being happy right now.


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