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When faced with new opportunities, we can experience a number of different reactions. From ‘HELL YES!’ to ‘Yeah, no – that’s not going to happen’. When we are thinking about declining an opportunity, we need to reflect and ask ourselves ‘am I saying no because that is what is right to do? Or am I just scared?’

How many times have you wanted to do something but at the last minute chickened out. You then rationalise why you said no. ‘It wasn’t worth it’, ‘It’s not really my thing’ or ‘I’m focusing on different things right now’. I see you hiding and I call BS.

We’ve all experienced this. It’s tough. I wanted to make some connections with local gyms to get my name out there. I started rationalising why I shouldn’t bother. They aren’t my target market, they probably have something already set up, I’m too busy…blah blah blah. I knew it was my fear talking. So I did it anyway. I walked into three different gyms, all with zero results. Sure it didn’t work the way I wanted it to, but I still did it. Did I die? No. Did anybody laugh at me? No. Did the rejection feeling last? NO.

So, I want to know – where are you being held back by your own fear?

Here are three simple tips that you can practice to release yourself from fear:

  1. Say ‘yes’ and work out how. Think and act quickly. Don’t give fear a chance to talk yourself out of it. The only question you need to ask yourself is ‘what is the worse case scenario and can I survive that?’ The majority of the time, the answer is YES. So for the majority of cases, I say ROCK ON!
  2. Recruit a cheerleader. Get someone who can be on your team, who can help you push past the fear. Like Sam carried Frodo up the volcanic mountain to get rid of the ring, it can be really helpful to be supported by our fans. (Life coaches are brilliant at this, by the way.)
  3. Think of the best outcome. Hold a beautiful vision in your head of what will happen when everything goes right. How awesome does it feel? How do you feel accomplishing that? Hold on to that feeling and let it motivate you to dance with your fear and step up to new opportunities.

Use these tools and never let fear hold you back again!

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