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How to tame the green eyed monster and be successful in your own right.

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I love the industry I work in. I am constantly immersed in inspirational messages and amazing stories of triumph.

But sometimes, I look at others and think ‘why can’t I have what they are having?’

Every day I see amazing people out there kicking goals and celebrating amazing results, which makes any progress that I have made seem, well, small. Or if I haven’t made any progress, seeing others succeed just makes me feel sick.

We’ve all been to Comparison-ville and it sucks.

It’s not fun to see other people’s success and realise that we are nowhere near that level of awesomeness. It’s easy to think the grass is always going to be greener anywhere else but here and why bother even trying. I’ve seen people do this with their weightloss goals many times. They see before and after pictures on the internet and are immediately faced with ‘I wish I was like them!’ which is often closely followed by ‘I could never do it. They are special/lucky/talented/gifted…’

Reality check: these moments of jealousy are pivotal points in our journey.

This is where the rubber meets the road and we have an opportunity to learn and grow. When we find ourselves in Comparison-ville, it’s a sign that we’ve got some work to do.

Here is how to tame the green eyed monster and get on board your own train to Success town.

1. Don’t assume what you can’t see. It’s easy to see a photo at face value, think ‘wow! what an amazing success story’ and overlook the hours and hours of work that went into creating that success. No-body is an overnight success. To get any sort of positive result, there would have been countless failed attempts and mistakes. Dig deeper into the story. Learn about the trials and tribulations experienced by the successful person. Believe me, we all have our struggle story!

2. We are one (but we are many…). When we compare ourselves to others, we often make the mistake of thinking they have something we don’t have. ‘They must be richer/smarter/better etc than me’. But the truth is, we are all the same. What we see in others, is already in ourselves. It’s no easier for a rich person to achieve their goals than it is for a poorer person. With the right amount of determination and perseverance, both can achieve their goals.

3. Let others be an example of possibility and potential. If you are admiring someone else’s success, let that be an example that it is possible. Let their story be the proof that you can do it too. AND know that because they did it first, it’ll be easier for you.

4. Focus on your own backyard. When we compare, it is often a sneaky way to distract ourselves from what we should be focusing on. Which is sorting out our own stuff. When we are living it up in Comparison-ville, we are too busy to notice how we can also be achieving that. Instead of getting started on our own goals, we waste time dissecting other people’s success. News flash: what they are doing is none of your business. Your goal is your business!

5. Be patient and persistent. With consistent, daily action, you will achieve your goal much sooner than you expect. Be patient, be persistent and just know that you are in exactly the right place and the right time learning the lessons you need to for what’s about to come your way.

So over to you, I’d love to hear about your experiences with the green-eyed monster. How do you turn the train around when you feel yourself headed for Comparison-ville? What tips above do you think will really help you move forward?

If you liked this article, send it to your family and friends (because they are secretly jealous of your success and want to be just like you. We all do.)

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