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I love a good list. The order, the structure and the focus on what I need to get done. Then the sense of acheivement I feel each time I can cross off an action step. OH it sends my heart racing!

To Do lists can be an extremely helpful tool for any big dreamer that wants to bring their ideas to life. As a big picture person myself, I can struggle with the details, which is how the To Do list helps. Creating a task list helps you to break down your big goal into little steps, gives you something to focus on and helps you to build momentum. All amazing things!

I have been perfecting the art of a good to do list for a few years now, I have learned what works really well and what doesn’t. So here are my tips on how you can create your very own, kick ass To Do list. 

Make each task as small as possible. For instance, “research” is WAY too big to be one task. You need to break it down. For example “research website design.” Specificity is the key.

Make sure your to do list is filled with tasks that will further YOUR agenda. Don’t let someone else’s to do list overtake your own. Make time for them in your day, but not as a priority. Not until you have done some of your own things first.

Start with the hardest task on the list. Brian Tracey calls this “eating the frog”. Starting with the hardest task first will set you up for success for the rest of the day.

Don’t list more than 10 things. Or you might feel more comfortable with just 5. The key here is not to let your to do list overwhelm you. The moment it does, drop a few tasks.

As soon as you cross a task off, celebrate it. Acknowledge yourself for taking action, making progress and sticking with it.

Add something fun to your list. Make sure you are injecting joy into your everyday.

– Finally with each task, ask yourself “is this going to get me closer to what I want to achieve?” I’m all for hustling but there is not point being busy for busy-sake.

There you have it. Those are my top tips for to do list success. Which are your favourite tips and what will you be implementing?

And if you feel stuck and are having troubles taking action, then make sure to download a free copy of my book “Help! I’m Stuck!!” Get your copy here.

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