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About Me

My name is Michelle and I’m on a mission to change the world by transforming the lives of women everywhere.

I help women say yes to themselves and give themselves permission to follow their hearts desires.

Why is this important to me? I’ve seen first hand that when women are inspired and confident and empowered, not only are they completely satisfied and happy in their own lives, but they positively affect the lives of those around them.  Not just their family and friends, but their communities.

Because that is what women do. We lift each other up. We serve, we support, we nurture.

BUT the problem that I see and what is stopping a lot of women from their full potential is that they are putting other people before themselves.

  • They are in jobs and careers that suit other people instead of what they really want to do.
  • They put up with negative and toxic relationships because they are chronic people pleasers.
  • They’re tired, they run down, they’re stressed, they’re overworked.

And they’ve done this for so long that they actually don’t know what it is that they want.

And that is where I come in. My mission is to connect women with that magic inside themselves.

That happiness, that desire, that spark.

I want to reconnect them with who they truly are and what they are here to do.

My journey started one Autumn (that’s Fall for you North American folk) morning, on a comfy couch in my first ever session with an amazing life coach. I wound up on her couch because I was lost. Even though my life was good on paper (good job, great partner, beautiful house etc etc), there was this emptiness inside.

I found myself asking “is this all there is? Is this life??”

I had always had this yearning that, even at an early age, I always felt that I was destined for something more. I was destined to live a life of adventure and excitement. From as young as 15 I was watching “The Secret” and reading Tony Robbins’ books. But despite this, I had no idea what I wanted to do and found myself following what I thought I wanted (read: getting approval and love from family and friends).

I went to uni, I got a job in marketing and I was good at it. I was really good at it. I had jobs that took me overseas and took me to doing some amazing events. I had the most amazing experiences throughout my corporate career, but I couldn’t seem to shake this feeling of emptiness.

So when I was on that couch, there was a spark inside of me that reignited. It wasn’t that I got an idea but more of a remembering of what who I truly was.

All of my life, I’ve been a supporter and a nurturer of other women. As far back as 11 years old  and sports captain. Then through high school I was always the student representative of my year and then at the end of high school I was school captain. I was always in a position where I was communicating with women, inspiring my fellow classmates, looking for ways that I can improve the school or it or do things better.

But then when I got into uni and in my job, I lost that drive and I stopped being who I truly was and I started being someone else, someone that I didn’t really want to be.

And so that is what started me on this path of studying life coaching.

And since then I’ve had the most amazing journey. I’ve gotten married. I’ve had two kids, bought a beautiful house. I’ve travelled overseas and I’ve worked with some amazing, incredible women.

Each experience has brought me closer to the truth of my mission, which is that I want to help women.

It all starts with guiding and teaching individual women learning to love themselves.

It all starts with you.

  • It starts with you saying yes to who you want to be.
  • It starts with you saying yes to your destiny.
  • It starts with you discovering what your purpose actually is.
  • It starts with you giving yourself permission to say yes to the things that you want to do and a big old NO to the things that you don’t want to do.

It’s about learning to set boundaries for yourself so that when you put yourself first, you are actually doing everyone else a favour. Because you can’t actually give from a place of lack. You can only give to others when your cup is overflowing, and that is what I teach when I teach.

I show women how to fill up their cup. I teach women how to love themselves. I teach women how to remember who they are.

So – are you ready to reconnect with who you truly are and what your purpose here is?

Let’s play!

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