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I know this is probably really weird to read but just hear me out. I’m fortunate now to be in a position where I am looking back on my time spent in jobs I hate. That perspective has allowed me to see all the little blessings in disguise, that I just did not appreciate at the time. However, if someone told me what gold nuggets I was surrounded with, I probably would’ve been more appreciative of my position and it would’ve lessened the pain a bit.

So if you are in a job that you hate, feeling monday-itis each day and just wishing for things to change, here’s why it’s all good:

  • You know what you don’t want.

Clarity on how you want things to look is crucial to move forward and turn your business dreams into reality. You have to know what that dream looks like to create it. Well you are already ahead of the game here because you know what you can eliminate from that dream. What is it about your job you hate? Your boss? The travel time? The work load? All of these things are great in helping you determine what you don’t want. So when you are changing jobs or wanting to start your own business, you can establish from the outset your non-negotiables. For example, you will only work with people who’s values are in line with yours. Your work will be less than 10 minutes from where you live. You wouldn’t have this level of clarity if you hadn’t first experienced the opposite end of the spectrum. So good on you – you are already ahead on bringing your career bliss to life!

  • You learn coping skills and what it means to be resilient

If you have been through hell and back, any other problems that crop up will just feel like a sauna in comparison. Having withstood challenges and a toxic environment, you develop the strength to survive, the skills to cope and the thick skin of resiliency. All of those attributes you develop will serve you, not just in your career, but in all areas of my life. Surviving a horrible boss led me to have stronger boundaries and stand up for myself in my personal relationships. I actually attribute all the years of high stress, pressure and deadlines to how organised and calm I am as a mum. As well as when challenges come up in my business, I don’t feel derailed, I just push through.

  • Motivation baby!

What better motivation to change your life than hating where you are right now? I would never be where I am today if I didn’t hate my job as much as I did. If it was just ok, I probably would’ve stayed and settled for a meh kinda life. OK so that’s probably not true. Regardless of what job I was in, this was always destined to be my path. BUT it would not have happened this quickly or with as much gusto if I wasn’t so unfulfilled and hating where I was. Instead of just feeling stuck and sorry for yourself, use your hatred to fuel your real desire to make a difference and be 100% satisfied in life. Actually, let’s aim for 200% satisfaction in life.


Finally, I want to give you this (tough) loving piece of advice: if you don’t love where you are at – make a change. Don’t wait for someone to come along and give you all of your dreams on a silver platter. And if you are stalling because you are scared it’s going to be too hard, then I have some devastating news. It is going to be harder than you can imagine. BUT let me ask you this: will going for your dream be easier or harder than staying exactly where you are today for the rest of your life? If the thought of being exactly where you are now in 12 months time gives you the heebie jeebies, then hunny – it’s time to make a change. Despite the challenges that you will face, remember this: you were born for this. You can overcome any obstacle when you desire is big enough. As Walt Disney once said “if you can dream it, you can achieve it”.

So on that note, it’s time to stop reading (and for me stop typing) and take action. Your first action step is to comment below with your commitment of what you are going to change. Then make it happen.

I’m so on your team and cheering for your success!! You can do it!!

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