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Consistency is key.

*Yawn*, am I the only one to switch off whenever I hear this? Having immersed myself in the world of personal development for years, I have become a bit immune to this message. Whenever someone talks about goals and achieving success, inevitably the word ‘consistency’ is thrown out there. And repeated. Ad nauseum. Blergh!

But I’ve discovered why. I have, shockingly, realised why this message is fundamental.

Because it bloody well is true.  (it’s taken me a while to admit this…it’s a bit embarrassing really).

You want to achieve something? Become a master at something? Be successful? Take action each and every day. This tried and true message is, at its heart, saying that we need to be consistent with our thoughts and actions. But I know that consistency is hard. Some days it’s difficult to be motivated. Other days, we just have too much on. Knowing that life is an ever changing thing, consistency can be a tough habit to form.

So how can we integrate “consistency” into our lives without being bored to death or missing out on other things?

Here are my top tips to ensuring you take action each day AND still feel fresh as a daisy about your goal:

  • Set a daily intention. This helps you to structure your day around your focus, rather than just letting the day “happen”.
  • Write out your goal. If you do nothing else during the day except write out your goal, consider it a win. If you write your goal each and every day, whilst feeling how GREAT it’ll feel once you’ve achieved it, you will generate motivation from within and be compelled to take action.
  • Get an accountability partner. Telling someone your goal and asking them to hold you to it is a great way to get support and encouragement. This will help you to be consistent in your actions.
  • Review your goal. Sometimes when we stop taking action towards a goal it is because our priorities have changed and we no longer wish to attain it. It’s important to review your goals occasionally and check to see if you are still feeling excited and challenged by it. If not, drop it like it’s hot.
  • Reward yourself! Each time you take a step forward, give yourself a pat on the back. Acknowledge yourself for the effort you made. Treat yourself.

There is one more brilliant solution to helping breathe consistency back into your life: Your Weekly Pep Talk.

This is an interactive webinar where you can set your intention for the week, review your goal and re-energise your mojo. Being immersed in that energy and a part of the conversation will keep your motivation high and help you stay on track. Click here to sign up today!

Now I’d love to hear from you. What keeps you stuck and motionless? What tip from the above list could you implement today to start moving in the direction of your goal?

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