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Busy women – this is for you. Read on for my biggest tip for making your day super productive.

To Do lists are great. Productivity tools = amazing. Digital calendars, I love ’em. Anything to help me better organise my world is a life saving tool.

Why worry about drowning in overwhelm when there are so many apps and tools out there to provide the much needed support we busy women need.

With a 12 week old baby, unless I spend a measly 5 minutes sorting out my day, I can often be very busy but achieve very little. Does that sound familiar? Have you found yourself completely run off your feet with nothing to show for it? It is really important to take stock of what needs to get done that will get us closer to our goals versus everything else.

Leo Babauta, from Zen Habits, has a really great productivity tip. Set your 3 most important tasks (MITs) for the day each morning. These tasks should take priority over other stuff, including other people’s agendas.

Since adopting this tip, I have found my days to be extremely productive. The quality of my work has improved, my focus is incredible and I am feeling far more creative.

It is all about prioritising. And when we set our 3 MITs we are prioritising our goals. We say to the world, Kanye West style, “I’mma let you finish but first I need to make this year my best year of all time”. The difference between those who achieve their goals and those that don’t is choosing, when push comes to shove, to prioritise their goals.

I’ve created a weekly planner for you to map our your 3 MITs for each day. You can put this up somewhere visible so you can be reminded what needs to get done. Click here to download it. (Right click and save target as)

Let me know how this tip works for you. And I want to see pictures of you using this planner. Use the #goingforgoals 🙂

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