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Last night my one-year-old daughter decided that it was going to be playtime between the hours of about 11:30pm and 2:30am. It was so frustrating, and I felt myself get even more and more frustrated every time she cried. Every time I would put her in a cot, and she would just roll over and start crying, and it would be so frustrating because one minute she would be asleep in my arms, and the next she would be wide awake in the cot crying.

I was frustrated because I wanted to get sleep.

I was frustrated because everything that I was trying to do just was not working.

I was frustrated because I didn’t understand what her problem was. I had changed her nappy. I gave her some water. There really should not have been anything wrong. She wasn’t too hot.

I was in a world of frustration.

And then this thought came to me.

How can this be easy?

I realized in that moment that what I most desire is to be in flow. I think this is something that we all want. We all want things to be effortless. We all want things to feel natural. Instead of feeling like we have to push all the time, and feeling it like it’s this constant battle, this constant struggle to get to exactly what we want, and to achieve our goal. Why can’t it feel effortless? Why can’t it feel like flow, like we’re in the flow?

I’ve done a lot of personal development work and a lot of the times they say manifesting is a natural thing, and when you’ve got the right mindset, and you’re thinking positive, things will just flow. I hear that it’s possible. I just want to understand how to practically put it into action, so that things like what happened last night with my daughter, and things like going for our goals, just becomes easy and effortless.

So, to get more FLOW into your life, one of the first things is to let go of the anger, to let go of trying to control the situation. Part of the frustration that I felt last night was not being in control. It was not being able to control what my daughter was doing, but here’s the thing. I was never going to be able to control what my daughter was doing. My daughter is her own person. She is going to do her own thing, and likewise in life, we need to recognize when things are within our control, and when things are outside of our control.

So, firstly recognizing what is within your realm of control, and letting go of trying to control things that aren’t. We are outside of flow when we’re trying to control everything, but flow means to accept what we can control, and let go of the things we can’t control.

The second thing is to decide on what we want. We need to be clear. We can’t go for a goal if we’re not clear on what that actually looks like, and making a decision to go for that. When we’re going for our goal, we need to be really clear on what it is that we want. If we’re not clear, it’s going to take us longer to get there. We’re going to be distracted by lots of other things, because our focus is not going to be trained on one specific thing.

So, we need to decide. We need to make that commitment.

And then the third thing, in order to get into flow, is to believe it’s possible. I think we need to be open to understanding that there are elements in this universe that are supportive, and that are here for our best selves, with our best intentions in mind.

We need to believe in supportive nature of the universe in order to accept flow, in order to accept that things can be effortless. Because if we don’t believe that that’s possible, if we don’t believe that there’s anyone supporting us, then it’s always going to be hard, because we always are going to be thinking that it’s 100% on us, where it’s actually the opposite.

So, I’m not saying that I’m an expert in getting into flow, and it’s definitely something that I’m working on, but those elements will really, really help when you’re wanting to get into flow and make things easier in your life, because it’s so much easier and far less exhausting going with the stream, and going down the river rather than trying to paddle against the current.


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