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Following your heart doesn’t have to be hard or overwhelming or this big massive thing that you have to spend a lot of time thinking about and pondering.


Following your heart IS the easiest thing in the whole entire world. If you know what happiness is and if you know what makes you happy, then you can follow your heart.

To follow your heart you simply need to follow the bread crumbs of happiness.

And I mean true inner happiness. Not just surface level happiness that hangs around for a bit but soon wears off leaving you thinking about the next thing that will make you happy.

The true inner happiness can be found in moments like

… spending time with your best friends

… creating something beautiful like a piece of art or music or a delicious meal

… overcoming a difficult challenge in your job

… meeting like-minded people

All of these moments are the best indicators we have to show us where we need to be spending more time. Focus your energy on what makes you happy. When you do that, your energy actually expands. Rather than spending your time doing something you don’t like and feeling drained afterwards.

Following your heart is only hard when we think of excuses as to why we can’t. Rather than concentrating on why you can’t do it, focus instead on how you can.

Truly, life is too short to waste doing things you don’t love doing. And you are way too valuable to hiding and not playing 100%.

So as you go through your day, focus on finding the breadcrumbs of your happiness. Follow those and you will be led to the ultimate place of happiness: true self-love.

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