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So many times in my life I have been stopped by fear of failure. I’ve said “no thanks” to seemingly brilliant opportunities because I was worried that I would stuff it up. I was worried I didn’t have the skills necessary, or the knowledge required. I felt that if only I was more experienced or more confident or more…something. The fear is real when the stakes are high. Like earning an income which is going to support my family – that’s a biggie. So I think, why risk it?

Fear of failure is normal and really common. It is a universal fear that comes from the feeling of not being good enough. It can paralyse us and stop us going from our big dreams. Our big career dreams, financial dreams, relationship dreams – whatever. It feels risky, it involves things we don’t have experience in, there is SO much uncertainty around it and seems just way too hard.

When I say this fear is normal and really common – it is true. Would you believe people like Beyonce feel fear? Really successful people feel this fear ALL the time. So what’s the difference between us and them? If they feel it to – how did they become so successful?

They didn’t let the fear stop them.

While our fear has us chained to a brick wall and stuck in our comfort zone, the successful people, the risk takers felt the fear and did it anyway. They don’t have any advantage over us and in fact a lot of really successful people probably started out with less than what you have. They all have the same amount of hours in the day. So how did they move from being paralysed by fear to saying “stuff it’? And what can we learn so that we can do that too!

Firstly, successful people are only focused on the goal. Instead of being focused on what could go wrong or how they could stuff it up, they instead focused on what they wanted to achieve. When we focus on our fear, we forget WHY we are here in the first place. We forget that we want to build an incredible life and have amazing experiences. That desire for your goal needs to be so intense that it outweighs your fear. When you feel your mind shifting to the “what ifs” you need to bring it back to your big WHY.

Secondly, successful people have a strong belief in themselves. Even when they don’t have experience and are embarking on something completely new, they trust that they have all the resouces they need within them. We all do. We have so much unlimited potential inside us that we are capable of SO many things. Replace the belief that you aren’t good enough with believing that you have all the resources you need within you right now.

Successful people don’t call it “failure”, they call it “feedback”. What do you make failure mean? Successful people see “failure” as a learning experience. By going through it, they are able to work out what they will do differently next time. Instead of seeing failure as the “end of the line”, start to see it for an opportunity on how NOT to do it. We aren’t born experts. We aren’t born knowing everything. It is through the process of trial and error that we learn and grow.

Finally, successful people don’t give up. Real failure is giving up. And that is 100% in your control. So if you have a fear of failure, which really means that you are scared you will give up and quit – make a commitment with yourself. Have someone hold you accountable. You absolutely CANNOT fail if you stay the course, get up each time you get knocked down and stay focused on your goal. Don’t give up.

Fear of failure is all in our minds. Once you realise that and start becoming aware of how you stop yourself, you can start shifting your mindset and align it with how successful people think. Remember: focus on your why, believe in yourself, see each set back as feedback and don’t give up.

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