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What is your heart calling you to do?

… put yourself out there and meet new people

…start your own business

…commit to a new exercise and eating regime

…bungee jump

And what is holding you back?


I might not know your answer to the first question, but I definitely know what is holding you back. It’s FEAR.

Fear can be disguised as many different things: the feeling of unworthiness, excuses, procrastination, denial. Anything that is coming between you and taking the first step to your goal is called FEAR.

And I know you are waiting for it to go away. I know you are waiting for the day that you suddenly wake up and the fear is missing and all that is there is this unbridled self-belief. I know because that was me. Waiting. Waiting for the fear to go away. Waiting to FEEL ready. Waiting to FEEL more prepared. Waiting for all of my ducks to be lined up. But all of that waiting is just fear.

Because the fear doesn’t actually go away until you take the first step. Until you go out there and realise that taking action WON’T actually kill you, the fear will be there.

The secret to success is knowing that fear won’t go away but doing what you want to do anyway. That is how all the top achievers of the world got to where they are now. They just didn’t let fear stop them. They aren’t super human and immune to that fear feeling. Hell no. It is a human instinct. But they decided to focus on their self belief, on their goal, on how good it’ll feel once they achiever their goal. That focus overshadowed the fear. Fear was still there but it wasn’t driving.

So this week – tell your fear “thanks but I’m going to rock on regardless”. Do the first step. Just one step. And you will see a little bit of that fear dissolve. The more action you take, the weaker that fear becomes. Until eventually, it no longer controls what you do.


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