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I was having a conversation with  good friend. She was talking about a run in she had with another mother, not a lot was said but my friend walked away feeling like she had been mummy shamed. Not having been there, it was hard for me to comment. What made it even harder was I couldn’t actually understand why she felt ashamed. It seemed like the other mother was just having a bad day and wasn’t being overly friendly or happy. It wasn’t that my friend was being a bad mum, it was the other mother all caught up in her own world.

The problem is: my friend was taking things too personally.

We all do this. We see the way someone looks at us and immediately think “oh they don’t like me” or we take any change of tone to mean “they are angry at me”.

Does this sound familiar?

So often we take things personally. We look at the actions of others and connect it in some way shape or form to us. BUT – and this might sound a bit harsh – not everything is about you.

Consider this: you spend most of your time thinking about you. Wouldn’t it then be logical to assume that others are thinking of themselves too? Of course they are! At the exact time you are thinking “I wonder if they like me” – the other person is thinking the exact same thing!

So how would life change for you if instead of taking everything personally, you just acknowledged that other people are just doing their own things? When I first embraced this concept, I felt free! Free from worrying about what other people might say or think about me.

When you stop taking everything personally, you can start acting and living more aligned to who you truly are. You can shine your genuine, authentic light and not give a damn what other people say.

How good would that feel?

So my challenge for you today is to notice when you might be taking something personally. Ask yourself “is it true? or is this their issue?” Then keep doing your thing. Keep shining your light. Keep bringing the noise!

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