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Don’t let people bring you down to their level

Yesterday, I was surrounded by idiots (read about it on my facebook page here)

Well, they aren’t actually idiots. I was just super annoyed by what they were asking me to do and the complete lack of consideration from them. It felt like they were so wrapped up in themselves that they didn’t consider that I might have my own stuff going on or that I was busy doing my own things.

Which is all true. And let’s face it, there are inconsiderate people in life.

I don’t think they intentionally mean to be inconsiderate. Putting others first, empathising with others and even just being curious about others doesn’t come naturally to some people. It’s just not on their radar.

But I completely understand that it is hard to not turn around and say “well fine, if you aren’t going to consider me, I won’t consider you”. It can feel right and just to treat them the same way you feel that they have treated you.

While this might make you feel better short term, the only person that has really lost out is YOU.

You have lowered your standards because of them.

You have stooped down to their level.

You have let their actions dull your sparkle.

So regardless of what others do and the actions they take, it is important to stay true to YOU. Stay authentic each and every moment. Regardless of what happens externally. You need to stay in complete and total alignment with who you truly are.

YOU are a giver. YOU are compassionate. YOU are empathetic. YOU are a beautiful soul who wants to give beauty and kindness and joy to others.

Don’t ever stop doing that because other’s aren’t doing it. They need it more than you know. More than they themselves realise.

The more you keep being yourself i.e. loving yourself, valuing yourself, putting yourself first, the more you will attract people who VALUE and APPRECIATE that. The idiots will soon fall away. You will be vibing too high for them to bring you down.

So please, don’t let them get you down. We need you to be your awesome, authentic, genuine, AMAZING self.


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