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What do you do when you are worried?

It’s natural to get worried about things. Worry happens when we think about negative future situations. What if I lose my job. What if I mess this project up.

Worry in teeny tiny doses is fine. It propels us into action. Helps us to come up with plan b. However, obsessively worrying about things is extremely counter-productive. Worry is a prayer for things to go wrong. It is also paralysing, often forcing us to make choices from fear rather than from a deeper, wiser part of ourselves.

When we are afraid, we make decisions that look good on paper but don’t really match our hearts desires.

And this is what I call short term gain – long term loss. In the short term, you feel good. You believe you made the right decision and everything is ticking the boxes. But in the long term, you are unhappy. You aren’t doing what you love. You know you are capable of more. You can’t help but wonder “what if?”

So, what can you do to avoid this unfortunately consequence of worry? Here are my tips on preventing Worry Woes

  1. Trust yourself. If you are worrying about a situation, trust that whatever happens you will handle it. Remind yourself that you have the intelligence, skills and know how to handle yourself.
  2. Bring yourself back to now. Is everything ok right in this moment? Well if you are too busy worrying about the future, you are missing what is right in front of your nose. And what is right in front of your nose is the opportunity to create the future however you want. Through your actions in the now, you alter the outcome in the future.
  3. Do something. If you are worried about losing your job, work out what would happen if that came about. If you are worried about not having enough money at the end of a pay cycle, come up with strategies that will help you bring in more money. Don’t let fear keep you stuck. Use it to move you forward.
  4. Ask for help. Who says you have to do this alone? A burden shared is a burden halved. I know when I talk to my partner about what worries me, he supports me. Like a big solid rock. Talking to other people really does help.
  5. Remember – everything is temporary. You can plan and do your best to prevent the worst case scenario from happening but sometimes life just hands us lemons. In those shitty instances its ok to cry. Its ok to be angry. Its ok to yell a bit. Just remember that it is all temporary. As quickly as things fell apart, things will get better.

I really hope this helps you the next time you find yourself worrying about things. If you think you might be worrying more than normal, please talk to someone. You don’t have to go through this alone.

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