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Monday. Who looks forward to Mondays? The weekend is a whole week away and all the stuff you left on your desk on Friday hasn’t magically disappeared. More problems, more challenges and more dramas are flooding your inbox.

So how can we get rid of Monday-itis for good and instead feel really AWESOME?

Here are my top 10 tips for making Monday’s the best day of the week!

  1. Choose to have a good day. Sounds simple but we first have to make the concious intention that Monday will be a friggin’ awesome rainbow filled day.
  2. Start the day doing something that inspires you. Listen to an uplifting speech, dance to your favourite tune, eat something delicious and nourishing, whatever. Start the day with some sparkle.
  3. Avoid emails first thing in the morning. Don’t let someone else’s ‘to do’ list become yours. Don’t get sucked into the countless emails waiting for you. They aren’t going anywhere, I promise.
  4. Write down your goals for the week. What do YOU want to achieve by close of play on Friday? What success do you want to celebrate on the weekend? Establish those goals now!
  5. Create your to do list based on your goals. Prioritise your success over other peoples.
  6. Clear your work space. Before you get all hot & heavy with work, sort out your filing, tidy up your desk, get rid of the rubbish. Start with a clean slate. Remember Monday’s are all about pressing the reset button. It’s always best to do it in a santised environment.
  7. Grab a nice cup of tea. I find tea to be really settling and relaxing. It always puts me in a great state of mind and allows me to really be present to what I am doing.
  8. Remind yourself of why you love this job. Fall back in love with it. Be grateful for it. Appreciate the challenges that lie ahead.
  9. Line up a killer play list. Put on some rockin’ tunes to help get your mojo flowing.
  10. Eat a frog! Out of all the tasks you want to do, which one looks the most challenging? Which one do you want to put off until tomorrow? As Brian Tracy would say – that task is your frog. Once you tackle that sucker, everything else will feel easier and the momentum you gain will last you the entire day.

Do you have any other Monday morning rituals? What helps you to start each and every work day? Comment below and tell me how you get your work mojo flowing.

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