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Working in the corporate world for YEARS I know first hand the frustrations and angst that can be experienced. To help alleviate this, I’ve created a special place where people can submit their own complaints and be provided a solution.

Introducing the Chief Good Vibes.

Only good vibes here, my vision is to help you out with whatever workplace drama you might be experiencing (as well as laughing a bit too).

To submit your own letter, just shoot me a PM on facebook.

Here is the very first letter. Enjoy…

Hi Chief Good Vibes,

I am getting so frustrated at my co-workers’ complete and utter disregard for other people. Honestly, I share the office with people who must believe the sun revolves around them.

They. Leave. Dirty. Dishes. In. The. Sink.

I can’t stand it!

Who do they think is going to wash them and put them away?

Do they do this at home?

What can I do to make this madness stop?


Frustrated and Fed Up


Dear Frustrated and Fed Up,

I’ve experienced this. I actually believe companies hire people who sneak into kitchens and leave dirty dishes in the sink just to piss us off.  

And do you notice that no-one ever does it when you are in the kitchen? So my advice is to move your desk to the kitchen. Become the unofficial kitchen monitor and when you notice someone not washing up their dishes, pounce on them like a cat! Of course, when it’s the CEO or some such senior management, you may wish to change your tact. Or not. Up to you.

But seriously, this is one of life’s biggest lessons: learning to co-exist with people who have different values and beliefs.

While you sit there with all this pent up rage, just think; those dirty dish mongers are blissfully unaware of your turmoil. They remain unphased and way less stressed.

You cannot change them or their behaviour. But you can change how their behaviour affects you.

When you stop focusing on what annoys you, you can then focus on what brings you joy at work. Like the meme of Martin Luther King saying “I have a dream, that one day there will be no dirty dishes in the sink” that has been plastered (anonymously) next to the sink.

What you focus on is what you get.

Less dirty dishes, more fun.



Chief Good Vibes



Do you experience this at work? Share with a friend who you know needs a nudge to stop putting their dirty dishes in the sink.
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