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So this is take two. I had already started writing this blog post. All about the importance of being in the moment. It’s where the magic happens. Not the past or the future. But right now. 

It was a pretty well written post if you ask me. 

But then my daughter gave me the best lesson possible. She crawled up, pressed a few buttons and deleted the entire thing.

All gone. 

Cue frustration. 

But I had to laugh. 

Here I was, preaching about how life is happening right now. In this moment. I seemed to have a good grasp of the theoretical concept. But then my beautiful 10 month old decided to give me a practical lesson. 

Life is happening all around you. Not on Facebook, not on instagram, not even on this blog (but you can keep reading to the end! Lol)

We spend so much of our times checked out and virtually checking in. When was the last time you felt like you physically checking into anywhere? When was the last time you felt a real, honest to goodness connection with someone? When was the last time you stopped and smelled the roses? 

Everything that you want starts in a moment of pure presence. You need to be in the moment to achieve clarity, alignment and focus. You need to be in the moment to take inspired action. You need to be in the moment to really participate in life- instead of being just a spectator. 

So my challenge to you today is simple; turn off your devices and turn on your focus. Be in the now. And enjoy it!
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