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Are you the creator of your world? Or does your world create you?

Heavy question, I know, but your answer would tell me a lot about how you live your day. For instance, those who believe they are the creators of their world, will start of their day with intention and clear focus. They seek out and attract opportunities and reframe failures as lessons. Those in the other camp, who believe life is just “happening” to them, will go about their day completely differently. They will be reactive to what happens. More often than not will feel anxious about the future, stressed about what is happening in this moment and filled with regret about the past. Not a fun life to be living.

The fact is we are the creators of our world.

We decide what meaning to assign to situations and circumstances. Nothing has meaning except for the meaning we give it. A bad day is only classified as such because that is how we have chosen to define it. So if you are creating your world, you can choose to never have a bad day again.

That’s not to say that bad stuff doesn’t happen. It does.

The key is what we make the bad stuff mean.

What do you make a failure mean? What do you make rejection mean?

Let’s assume that you are taking the bull by the horns and are ready to step into your role as creator of your life.
How can you start to create the life of your dreams right now?

  1. Define what you want your life to look like. Do you want it to be full of adventure & freedom? Do you want romance to sweep you off your feet? Do you want to feel a sense of connection and community with those around you? Get clear on what you want your life to be like.
  2. Notice where that already exists in your life. If you are yearning for adventure, where do you currently get that need fulfilled? And if you don’t feel like it’s there at all – how could you introduce it to your life quickly? Look for the quick wins. The short term fixes. Introducing just a thimble of adventure will attract a bucket.
  3. Release what isn’t serving you. Let go of what is leading you in the opposite direction. If your job isn’t meeting your need for connection and you can’t quit (we all gotta pay the bills) – say this quick prayer “Dear God/Divine/Universe *insert what feels good here*, I surrender my job to you. Help me to find the connection I desire. I will continue to show up every day as my best self. Please guide me towards my greater good. Amen”.

Now over to you. I’d love to hear what masterpiece you are making of your life right now. What do you need to do differently to inject more creativity and fun into your life? What do you need to release and let go. Come on over to my facebook page and let me know. 

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