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Thanks to Mum life, I don’t type my blogs any more. Nope. I record them and then have them transcribed. It is LIFECHANGING for me.

Anyway, here is a blog I recorded the other night…

I’m standing here watching my kids have their bath. I’m looking at this crazy three year old and an outrageous one and a half year old and they are having a ball. So if you can imagine two small kids in the bath, water’s going everywhere. There’s soap all over the place. They’re doing all sorts of crazy shit.

Meanwhile, I feel so conflicted. There’s one part of me that just wants to tell them what needs to be done and don’t put water everywhere and just wants to control the situation. But there’s another part of me that is saying, well, why does it have to be so hard? Why does it have to be filled with tension? Because when I’m tense, when I am being strict and shouting “don’t do that!” they get upset. They just want to play and have fun. So why can’t I let it be? And I think we worry if we let it go, then it’s either going to get out of control and become something that we don’t want it to be in the first place. We worry that if we let go of control, that it’s going to become unmanageable.

When we try to control things, try to make things a certain way, we prevent the potential of things to be even better than what we could have ever imagined. When I see my kids and I try and get them to do what I want them to do, I don’t give them the space to be who they truly are. I think we have the opportunity as parents to teach them what they are capable of by allowing them to discover and grow and explore.

This can be applied in so many different ways. You know, if you try to control your partner, what they need to do, you’re not actually going to ever realize what they could do all on their own. For ourselves, when we try and regulate ourselves and put too many rules and expectations and standards on ourselves, we block any potential for creativity, spontaneity.

We stop learning to trust ourselves and go with the flow and instead limit ourselves. So my recommendation here is: where can you let go? Where can you release? Where can you surrender and trust that the outcome will be what it will be to not try and make it into something that you wanted to. Let’s face it, it could turn into that, but what are you potentially missing out on?


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