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I’m so excited about my upcoming Weekly Pep Talk…

We are going to be delving DEEP into the topic around veganism. What is it, why people choose to be vegan and what are some ways I can incorporate veganism into my life.

Now, I’m not a vegan but I have this insatiable curiosity for the subject. First and foremost I am an animal lover. Ever since I can remember I have always been fascinated but these beings that walk, breathe, run and speak a completely different language. My mum often tells me that when I was a toddler and we would go for walks, it would take HOURS simply because I would stop every time I saw an ant. In fact, I would bend down and just watch it scurry along its merry little way. Fast forward twenty something years and I still have a strong affinity with animals. Which is one of the main reasons I am investigating this path.

But it would surprise most of you to know that becoming vegan is not just about saving and protecting animals.

The benefits of veganism include:

  • Health
  • Environmental
  • Sustainable living which helps those in developing nations

To help discuss this issue, I’ll be interviewing Dr Ash Nayate who is vegan. She’ll go into why she chose the vegan lifestyle, what it means for her and what support is out there for people who, like me, are curious.

Pic of Ash So – who is Ash Nayate? Dr. Ash Nayate is a transformational coach and clinical neuropsychologist, with a passion for holistic wellbeing and plant-based living. With over ten years’ experience in the health, developmental, and medical fields, Ash incorporates coaching principles to assist clients who are seeking to achieve health and wellness goals, attain more balance in their lives, improve emotional stability, overcome addictive behaviours, and increase levels of happiness and fulfilment. Ash is committed to continual and ongoing self-development, and she has personal interests in fitness, yoga, travel, integrative nutrition, and alternative medicine.

To get to know Ash a bit more, I asked her a few lead up questions…

  1. Best piece of advice I’ve ever gotten was… actually a quote from gandhi – “strength does not come from physical capability, it comes from an indominable will”
  2. My favourite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon is… taking a nap, or being outside in the sunshine
  3. My favourite season is… As much as I love the beauty of autumn, the crispness of winter and the energy of spring, my favourite season is summer because of the long hot days, brilliant sunshine, holidays, and most of all – mangoes!!
  4. My most significant accomplishment so far has been…. my beautiful family
  5. A dream I am working towards now is… creating a happier and more compassionate world, and eliminating mental illness particularly in young people and families
  6. One of the biggest cheerleaders in my life is…  My husband is one of the biggest cheerleaders in my life because he has total faith in me, and he knows how to give me a boost in those moments when I’m feeling less than capable!

You can connect with Ash in the following ways…

Email: Website: Facebook: Revolution Me YouTube: Revolution Me 


So sign up to the Weekly Pep Talk and join in the conversation!

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