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So many young women who are looking to leave their jobs and start their own businesses are faced with a tough situation. They are dreaming about greener pastures but still have the cold hard reality of their current job staring them in the face. I know all too well how much it sucks to have a beautiful vision for the future and then have to slog it out in the trenches daily.

The gap between where we are now versus where we want to be MAGNIFIES when we are focusing on all the sucky aspects of the present.

In this mindset, though, we stay stuck. If we are focusing on what we don’t like about our current situation (annoying boss, strict work schedule, loads of pressure) we will wind up staying stuck there. And if we spend too much time dreaming about our future, we get frustrated about where we are at.

So what do you need to do? Love where you are at. It’s quite simple but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. It’s simple to find things that you can love and appreciate about your current circumstance but it’s a bit harder retraining your brain to focus on that good stuff.

Here are some simple mindset hacks to help you start focusing on the good stuff:

  1. Start a gratitude diary. Each day, write 10 things you are happy and thankful for. The attitude of gratitude is a fast ticket to Happy town. So get on board that train.
  2. Do what you can with what you have. Start taking little action steps towards your goal each day. Focusing on your goal will help you feel good and then taking action will help you feel EVEN better. Especially when you start seeing progress.
  3. Hangout with like-minded people. Stop hanging around people that only talk negatively. Those people are toxic and you are way better than that. If you absolutely can’t stop seeing them, then see them in situations where you are forced to talk about something different. Like the gym or the movies. I’ve created a facebook group called The Feisty, Fearless Female Collective for this very purpose. Click here to be connected with amazing women just like you.
  4. Watch a motivational video. I love TED talks and inspirational Youtube videos. They really can help put you in a good mood and inspire you to take action.
  5. Move your body. When you are feeling stuck in thoughts of “I don’t want to be here” then get up and move. You aren’t a tree – you can move around! Your physical state has a huge affect on your emotional and mental well being. So for an instant feel good boost, move around.

Action Step (where we take big thoughts and make shiz happen)

Come on over to the facebook group and tell me what tip you will use to help you love where you are at right now and how it has helped you get out of a funk.

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