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Beliefs Create RealityLast week I had the incredible opportunity to be in the room with one of my mentors as he trained some new coaches at the start of their business journey. Out of all the incredible AHA moments I had, one really stuck with me. And it is this: our beliefs are key to how we perceive reality.

This is how most people think life works:

They see reality > which then forms their beliefs. Beliefs about what is and isn’t possible.

However, this isn’t true. It’s actually the reverse.

Our beliefs about what is and isn’t possible actually creates the reality we perceive.

Have you ever sat through the same movie as your friend and at the end have completely different opinions of it? The “reality” i.e. the movie, was the exact same, but your beliefs about what is and isn’t a good movie has led to you and your friend having two totally different experiences.

Being aware that our beliefs actually shape our reality is HUGELY important. Why?

Because if you don’t like your reality – you need to change your beliefs first.

If you hate living paycheck to paycheck, instead of waiting to somehow manifest more money, you should instead look at your money beliefs. It would be safe to say that someone who lives pay check to pay check doesn’t believe that abundance is all around them.

Looking specifically at where you are in your career. Nothing is going to change unless you first change. So here are 5 empowering beliefs for you to adopt today that will turn your business dreams into reality.

  1. You are smart enough/good enough

Before you even begin a career change, all sorts of beliefs will pop up around whether or not you are good enough, smart enough, have what it takes or even if you deserve it. These are completely natural thoughts, we all have them. However, they are a huge road block to taking those crucial first steps. Be aware of what you tell yourself and whenever you hear something negative, let it go and instead tell yourself that you are enough. YOU have everything you need within you right now.

  1. There is enough for everyone

The “global financial crisis” has unfortunately led to alot of people believing in lack and having scarcity beliefs. These beliefs are extremely unresourceful. If you believe that there is only a finite amount and people won’t have the money or time to buy your product or service, then what reason would there be to go into business? All you need to do is look at the growing amount of online businesses who are experiencing amazing sales to see a different reality. There truly is more than enough for everyone.

  1. Building a successful business is possible.

What would’ve happened IF, before you learnt to walk, you had the thought “I’ll never do that”? You never would’ve walked. As children we have no idea what “limits” are. Until we learn glass is sharp, fire is hot etc nowhere in the world was off limits. Unfortunately our conditioning has led to us believing in too many limits, including what we believe is and isn’t possible. Having the belief that building a business is possible is important in getting started. You don’t need to know the hows, you just need to know that you will figure out a way because it is totally possible that you can build a successful business!

  1. There is no such thing as failure, only feedback.

Using the idea of a baby walking again, imagine if the first time the baby falls down it thinks “well crap, I can’t walk. I’m gonna give up!” Of course this doesn’t happen because instead of seeing the fall as a “failure”, the baby simply learns how to do it differently next time. There will be times along your career path where you make mistakes. You might even label them a failure. But instead of believing that it is a sign for you to give up and quit, see it for what it really is: just feedback on how to do things differently next time.

  1. You don’t have to do it alone.

I used to have this belief at the start of my business journey. I thought that I had to grow it all on my own. Struggle all on my own. And struggle I did. It wasn’t until I joined a brilliant mastermind that I realised I don’t have to do it all on my own. There are other people out there with expertise in areas different to me who can give me advice and support. This has meant all the difference in my business today. Knowing how crucial it is to have support, I created a private facebook group for like-minded women to get together and help each other out. It is a sacred space where you can be supported, be inspired and be connected. If you aren’t part of the group already, click here for your invite. Because you don’t have to go through life alone – we are here to help you.


Action Step (where we take big thoughts and make shiz happen)

Take one of the five beliefs above that will really help move you forward and write it somewhere daily for the next 30 days. This daily repetition and the act of writing the belief down will help the belief to be absorbed by both the conscious and unconscious mind.

Come over to the facebook group and tell us what belief you are choosing and why. How is this new belief going to change your career?

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