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NOTE: Before trying any of the below tips, you must first be willing to face your fear. Without that willingness to do what seems scary, new and different, you won’t find your passion. Well, you might, but you won’t follow through. So it’s time to put on your grown up panties and face the unknown.

How to find your passion in the most unusual places:

  • Look at a class list of a local tafe or college. What do courses do you feel yourself gravitating towards? What is piquing your interest the most? Do the course and see where it leads you.
  • Have a conversation with your 8 year old self. Time to get deep and meaningful with yourself. Pretend you are sitting in front of your 8 year old self and ask ‘what do you want to be when you grow up?’ It might not feel natural at first, in fact you will probably have too many thoughts in the way to get a real and honest answer. So keep asking over and over again until you hear an answer that just fits.
  • Write your own eulogy. Sounds morbid but thinking about what you would like people to remember you for is a great way to find clues as to what you need to be doing now. Do you want people to remember you as a community spirited, fun loving person? Then get involved in community activities. Do some self-development work around injecting fun into your daily activities. These might not feel like your ‘calling’ but by doing what you love each and every day, you will get a clearer picture of what your ‘calling’ looks like.

Finally you need to dig deep. Many times we all have a deep desire, a yearning for something specific but our fear holds us back and tells us it’s impossible. That deep desire is your soul’s purpose. Identify where you are being held back by fear, get a career coach to work through those blocks and start living the life you were intended to live!



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