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A common consensus is that time is flying by way too quickly. The thing is, time hasn’t sped up or slowed down – the way we manage time has changed. The main cause for feeling as though time is fleeting is that we are spending way too much time doing things that aren’t supporting our goals. Ask someone who is nailing all of their goals, do they think time is going fast? No way. In fact, they probably think time is going too slow.

So what can you do to help slow down time and do more to push you further in the direction of your dreams?

Here are my 10 tips to help make time slow down:

  1. Cut out time wasting activity. Yep – give yourself 10 minutes of facebook & instagram browsing then shut it down.
  2. Spend 5 minutes each morning planning your day ahead. Give yourself a road map and stick to it. Being organised is the key to ultimate time management.
  3. Learn how to say NO. Their priorities are not your priorities. You are allowed to put yourself first. If you absolutely cannot say no, just say not yet.
  4. Give yourself credit when you complete something. Celebrate when you complete a task. Recognising how much you have actually achieved in a day will leave you feeling impressed with the amount of time you spent wisely.
  5. Focus on quality instead of quantity. It’s not about how much work gets done but about the end result. That is the aim of the game.
  6. Ask yourself “if I could only do one thing today, what one thing would make the most impact? It’s far better to do one thing that pushes you closer to your goal versus several things that keep you stuck.
  7. Start with the hardest task first. This builds momentum and you end up completely other tasks much faster afterwards.
  8. Create a zen workplace. Clean your desk, tidy your files, put on some funky music – whatever you need to do that will help you work efficiently.
  9. Take regular breaks. These will help you stay focused and actually allow you to get more stuff done.
  10. Work to your strengths. If you work better in the morning, then plan to do all the hard “heavy lifting” type work then. If you are more of a night owl – do the reverse.

Action Point

Comment below on what your favourite tip is and how you will be using it to make time slow down. I’d love to see you over at the facebook page and sharing your thoughts there too!

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